Scott Cawthon didn’t have it easy at first. His first games were constantly penalised for character movement and lack of ability to do anything. His game reviews were lacking however in 2014 Scott created one of the most popular games of the year. The game hit the internet by storm with popular YouTubers like ‘Pewdipie’, ‘Markiplier’ and ‘Jacksepticeye’ playing the game and eventually hooking many subscribers to enjoy its difficulties and scary feel. It’s now 2016 and 5 FNAF games have been released (not including FNAF world as it is not relevant to the story) which has developed a story wrapped in chains and thrown in a box.


If you are not familiar the story I do suggest watching some ‘game theory’ on Five Nights at Freddy’s to fill yourself in with what’s to come.


So the movie: Yes! There will indeed be a movie! Even though speculation that the movie was canceled Director Gil Kenan denied all accusations of the rumors and explained that the team are still in process of writing the script. In fact, if you go on to Kenan’s twitter and Instagram it’s full of easter eggs and photos of the set and robots that may be used in the movie.


What we know:

So the movie is rumored to release in June 2018 however an actual announcement hasn’t been confirmed. By researching photos and stalking Gil’s twitter it looked like some of the film will actually contain animatronics and real life people instead of being an animation. However, I still believe that some of the film will have a CGI input to it. The plot is still unconfirmed like the film but hopefully, there will be news soon!

After searching the internet for spoilers the same thing comes up about how unconfirmed the film still is. I’m still really excited about what’s going to unravel in the series and how the film is going to progress the story.

We will keep you posted with news on our website and Twitter about the upcoming Five Night at Freddy’s film!

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