Below is some more Hello Neighbour news from Tiny Build:

Alpha 2 details are here

Hi there!

While we’re busy working on Hello Neighbor, I wanted to give everyone a short update on what’s going on. In short, people who got our Early Alpha Access build will get 2 more builds this year. I detail what’s happening in this video. and wrote a blog post here.

The short tl;dw (ha, I just invented that! that’s for too long didn’t watch)

  • Content from Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1 is throwaway, not making it into the full game
  • Next build will be similar to the one I played at TwitchCon
  • Features the tutorial/opening sequence, has final art-style
  • Labeled Alpha 2, coming in November
  • Alpha 3 will feature the draft of the full house
  • Alpha 3 is coming in December
Look forward to more updates coming shortly.

Tiny Build will be giving out a dozen keys for Hello Neighbor’s Pre Alpha Access. Here’s what you can do for a chance to win:

We’re doing the launch of Party Hard for iOS and Google Play this week (and a huge update for Party Hard on Steam), so spreading the word helps us a lot 🙂

Thank you
Alex Nichiporchik
CEO @tinyBuild

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