I’ve recently been playing GTA V LSPDFR and I found this guide that I thought I would share with you if you ever decide to play this mod.


What is LSPDFR?
LSPDFR, or Los Santos Police Department First Response, is a mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 that allows you to take a break from being a criminal, and do something good for the community for a change. You can become a police officer!


Installing LSPDFR into GTA V is extremely simple! Just follow these steps!

Head on over to LSPDFR’s website[www.lcpdfr.com] and click on the “Download LSPDFR <version number>” in the top right.

Then click on the green “Download this file” button.

Choose “lspdfr<version>.zip” (if that option is there, otherwise it will automatically download!)

Once the file has downloaded, extract it to a place of your choosing. (I’m not going to provide a screenshot as I assume that hopefully everybody knows how to extract zip folders…)

Once extracted, drag the contents of the LSPDFR folder into your GTA V directory. (Please ignore all of the random crap in there. I have modded my game so much that it contains lots of files and folders!)

There! LSPDFR has been installed! To launch it, use your GTA V directory, and run RAGEPluginHook.exe

When you see the disclaimer, click on “Yes”

Hopefully everything should run perfectly fine!

How to Begin!
Finally! You’ve gone through and installed all the required things for LSPDFR! Time to play!

To test if your LSPDFR works, start spamming F4 (I say spam, because it doesn’t initialize right away) until a console pops up. If it does, check the console to say that LSPD First Response is running. If it is, you can continue on to the game. If not, head to the troubleshooting section down below!

Now, once you’re in the game, open the map, and look for a police station icon like the one provided in the screenshot.

Once there, head to the front door and press E when you get the prompt. You should see a cutscene and end up with a screen like this:

Now it is time for the character creation! There are a lot of options, so play around with them until you find an officer that you would like to play as. Just a warning, I have not been able to be on duty successfully with any department other than the LSPD, so if I were you, I would stick with that and just head to the part of the map that you would like to police.

Here was the officer I decided on.

Go ahead and select “Select & Continue” and move on to the vehicle selection! You can choose A LOT of different police vehicles from every different branch! Even including a HYDRA for the “Ultimate Highway Patrol!”

I ended up going for the standard Police Interceptor from the Los Santos Police Department, as I figured that I was going to be policing downtown Los Santos.

Once you’ve done found your dream police vehicle, select “Select & Continue” and you’re ready to become a police officer!

Traffic Stops
Whilst policing Los Santos, you may come across a driver doing something out of line. To combat this, you can pull the vehicle over and perform a traffic stop.

In order to do this, drive behind the offenders vehicle, and press shift. Then press E to activate your sirens. This will signal the driver to pull over. To cancel, press shift again.

Once the driver has pulled over, and you are ready to perform the traffic stop, get out of your police car (Default F) and approach the driver-side window (or just the side, like in this case) of the vehicle. Once there, press E to begin talking to the suspect. However, if the driver stopped in a horrible spot, such as the middle of the road. Hold down E to sound your horn and make the suspect find a different place to stop.

Now that you are talking to your suspect. You have a few different speech options. You can simply greet them by saying hello, you can insult them, or you can say nothing at all. In this scenario, I decided to say hello.

You will say hi and wave at the suspect. Now you can do 3 things depending on the offense. You can issue a citation of either: $50, $100, or $200. These are for things such as running red lights. The amount is really just up to you. The second thing you can do is issue them a warning. This could be used if you accidentally pull the wrong person over, or if you are feeling particularly nice. The third thing you can do to the suspect is ask them to get out of the vehicle. This is for severe offenses and once they have left the vehicle, you can either arrest them or let them free.

In my case, I issued the driver a warning as he wasn’t doing anything wrong and I just pulled him over for demonstration purposes.

That’s all there is to it for traffic stops. Relatively simple to pull off!

Occasionally, dispatch may come on the radio and request assistance at a spot near your current location. This is a callout, and it is part of LSPDFR.

In order to accept a callout, simply press Y on your keyboard. Now you must respond as fast as possible to the crime scene. I generally go Code 3 (Using lights & sirens all the time) to get there as quick as possible! Once you arrive, it’s your job to end this as quick as possible! The chase is on!

Now, as this is a pursuit, you probably won’t pull this off by yourself. You need some backup! During a pursuit, press B on your keyboard to bring up the Backup menu.

The first thing I recommend calling in is a Local Air Support Unit. You could bring a NOOSE Air Support Unit, but it would shoot up the car, and you wouldn’t be able to arrest the suspects! Also, people driving away from you in a car isn’t enough to call in a counter-terrorist organization to help you stop them!

To call in a certain thing, simply use the arrow keys to select what to call in, and press enter.

The next best thing to call is a Local Patrol unit. These guys drive similar vehicles to you (assuming you’re not FBI or NOOSE) and they will help you bring down the suspect. Be warned that these guys are aggressive and will ram the car, and sometimes, they will shoot the suspect without any warning! I recommend calling in 3 to 4 of these units to help you. The AI is actually quite good and they should be able to maneuver around the suspects vehicle and surround it on all 4 sides to stop it from moving.

The end goal of pursuits is to stop the suspects vehicle and arrest him. As shown here:

In the version that this guide was created (0.1d BETA) there are only 3 callouts and they all involve pursuits. Please be aware that version 0.1c BETA crashes upon accepting a callout, so it is recommended to use version 0.1d or higher.

You can arrest almost any pedestrian in the game, anybody you find breaking the law, you can arrest.

In order to begin an arrest, you must hold the person at gunpoint and press E.

Proceed to press E a second time.

Press E a third time.

Press E a fourth time, and lead the suspect to your police vehicle. You may have to press F twice as the first time you press F, you tend to open the back door instead of the front door.

Drive the suspect to a jail, marked with bars on the map like this:

You will see a cutscene where the jailor will take out your prisoner and brutally beat him and it will fade to black. The arrest has been completed!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a screenshot of the cutscene as the time I was making the arrest, the jailer decided to take the long way around so the cutscene was over by the time he got to the car door.

The Backup Menu
Yes, I know I just covered the basics of the Backup Menu in the Callouts section, but it’s not just used during pursuits.

However, before I get into that, let me discuss the controls of the Backup Menu.
In order to open the menu, press B. Then, you can use the arrow keys to control it. Once you have selected the type of Backup you would like, press Enter, and the backup will arrive shortly. In order to close the menu, navigate to “Cancel” and press Enter.

The Backup Menu can be used if you’re roleplaying. Let’s say the scenario was that the Fleeca bank on Pillbox Hill and Elgin Avenue was being robbed. You are the only officer on scene, outside, waiting for the criminals to surrender.

You need to get on the radio and have a SWAT hostage rescue team appear on scene, code 3!

Press B to open the Backup Menu

Now choose the unit you need (a Local SWAT Team) and select the Response to be Code 3. Then press Enter. It now a SWAT Teams priority to arrive on scene as fast as possible, and you can liberate the bank!

Of course, the Backup Menu has a lot more practical uses.

Let’s say you find yourself on Grove Street, you know, as you do.

And, because you arrived in a police car, they don’t give you a very warm welcome. In fact, they start shooting you with everything they have. Not good. So, you press B, and call for tactical assistance. You request for 3 Local SWAT teams to come to your aid. Hopefully they do so quickly!

Once they arrive, the gang are dealt with quickly.

So, the mod isn’t in your favor. Oh well, I’ll try my best to make it so it is!

The console doesn’t show up!

Fix 1: Make sure you’re launching the game by double clicking RAGEPluginHook.exe in your GTA V main directory.

If you don’t see RAGE Plugin Hook <version number> in the bottom right of your screen whilst playing the game, then you probably aren’t doing this.

Fix 2: Launch GTA V first and THEN launch RAGE Plugin Hook

Don’t know why this works, but it has worked for some people!

When I go to a police station and press E, nothing happens

Fix 1: Make sure LSPDFR actually loaded

Try opening the console (F4) and typing LoadPlugin “LSPD First Response.dll” this will reload all the required LSPDFR files and you should be good to go!

Fix 2: Unblock the DLL files in your GTA V Main Directory

Go to your GTA Main Directory > Plugins (Assuming you installed LSPDFR correctly) Right click on both the DLL files, and click Unblock.

General Fixes

Fix 1: Try installing ScriptHookV

I’m not sure if this will work, as I’ve always had ScriptHookV installed and I haven’t tried LSPDFR without it. However, it is a good idea to try!
Fix 2: Reinstall LSPDFR

Make sure to follow every step carefully!!

If RAGE Plugin Hook isn’t working

Head over to this website[forums.ragepluginhook.net] and try the things suggested there!

Conflicting Mods (Kind of)
The following mods will NOT crash your game if you use both the mod and LSPDFR together, it will just be very annoying every time you try to use these mods

  • ScriptHookV Native Trainer

That is the only mod I have found so far. If you know of any mod that uses the F4 key or any key that is used in LSPDFR and cannot be rebound, please let me know in the comments!

Additional Notes
How to restart LSPDFR if it crashes

If, for whatever reason LSPDFR crashes. Simply open the console and type

LoadPlugin “LSPD First Response.dll”

Please note that this will make you go off duty, and you’ll have to visit a police station again to continue policing!

Important things to note

I have had reports of people having issues with using newer versions of the RAGE Plugin Hook.
In order to fix this, simply use the version that comes with the version of LSPDFR that you are getting!

Latest Update
LSPDFR Changes
  • Added compatibility with a newer Rage Plugin Hook version

Please remember that some of this might have changed, this down to a newer version of the game but this guide will provide you the very basics!


Hope this helps. Remember to Tweet me if you have any questions!

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