Grand Theft Auto 5 might be discounted on that day. It currently has a discount of 40% and it might reach at least 50% on the Black Friday 2016 Steam Deals. Additionally, Steam is also known for cheap game bundles so there is a chance that they might put on all the previous Grand Theft Auto games on sale as a bundle together with Grand Theft Auto 5.

Meanwhile, Counter Strike: Global Operations usually gets discounted every Steam sale so those who are itching to play the game should wait for the next Steam sale to purchase CS:GO as it goes down to at least 50% off.


Just Cause 3, along with the previous games is expected to go on sale with a huge discount on only the base game and a good deal for the Just Cause 3 DLCs and previous games. Saints Row: The Third is also expected to be discounted to a lower price like Just Cause 3 together with the DLC bundle.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist is currently on sale right now at 75% off but there is a chance that Steam might but the same game on sale again on its Black Friday 2016 Steam Deals as most games that are given discounts always make an appearance every Steam Sale.

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