GamereExGB Reviews has partnered up with a company called Drift’s Grips. The company sells thumb grips which are designed for grip, comfort and control for an enhanced gaming experience. The grips fit perfectly onto any console controller, ranging from old generation PS3’s and Xbox 360’s to brand new PS4’s and Xbox 1’s. They improve grip so that you can keep a steady aim, and create extra comfort to keep you playing longer! The grips are really easy to install, all you have to do is just turn the caps inside out and then pop over the sticks.

We are planning to do lots of giveaways in the upcoming months to celebrate this new partnership so keep your eyes peeled!

We have our very own personalised 10% discount code “Gamerexgb10” so when you get to checkout click the “Have a promo code?” button and enter our 10% code!


Have a promo code? – “Gamerexgb10”


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