After having Battlefield since release I have noticed that it takes time to rank up and can be a bit tough and time-consuming. Each role in the game can also be confusing and hard to rank up. Here’s a guide on how to rank up each class faster!
Players like myself are working hard to rank up their classes as well as receive War Bonds. A currency for purchasing new weapons and items in the game. It is rewarded for ranking up in the game. There are four classes in game which are: Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout which all have a specific purpose. Here’re some really efficient ways to rank up fast in Battlefield 1 as each class.
When playing you have to keep in mind that playing the objective in a game type such as Operations or Conquest will allow you to earn the most XP compared to just playing Team Deathmatch. It is heavily tied to ranking up your classes as well as yourself.



This class is great for destroying vehicles, aircraft’s and pushing into objectives, they are probably the most friendly for new players that have recently just bought the game. The starting load out for Assault gives you Dynamite and Anti-Tank Grenades, making it pretty useful even without having anything unlocked. You can also swap out the two gadgets for an AT Rocket gun to take down enemy vehicles or shoot down unfriendly aircrafts.

You can really rack up a ton of XP by just simply playing your role, destroy tanks, shoot down anything you are able to. Push into objectives and help your medics! Game types like Operations, Conquest, and Rush and great for this. Also, make sure you help your squad, it will allow you to earn even more XP. Being in a squad is so vital in my opinion as when working in a team you get XP for following your leaders orders.


Medic is a really fun class to play in any Battlefield game, it is also one of the most crucial roles in the game. They are able to throw a Bandage Pouch down to heal allies as well as yourself and use a Medical Syringe to revive fallen teammates. In Battlefield 1 they also have some of the most useful weapons in the game due to their ability to counter enemy snipers. You can also take down players with your syringe.

This class can reward you lots of XP if you play it correctly and throw pouches down whenever needed. Especially if your squad is huddled up and pushing into an objective. You can throw a pouch down and keep their health up while scoping out enemy snipers. If an ally has fallen you can simply bring them back and heal them up to continue the fight.


Support is another great class for people that love heavy machine guns or players that loved the Engineer class in previous Battlefield games. This personally is my favorite class!  You are also able to replenish your teammate’s ammo by supplying them with an Ammo Pouch. It works similar to the Bandage Pouch, you simply throw it down near teammates and they will receive ammo.

You may also switch out one of these two gadgets for a Mortar that allows you to take down enemies camping in buildings. It also works great for pushing into an objective. Just remember to supply your teammates with ammo and repair vehicles when needed and you’ll be earning lots of XP!


This class is responsible for spotting out enemies and sniping them from afar. Scouts are responsible for providing their team with visuals on the enemies location. They are supplied with a Flare Gun which reveals enemies in their vicinity, and armor piercing K-Bullets. While this class can be very useful, earning a good amount of XP depends on your play style. If you snipe from far away you will be a lot safer and be able to scout out more enemies. However, if you play closer to an objective you will gain a lot more points but be extremely vulnerable.

With the careful usage of your Flare Gun and K-Bullets, this class is extremely good for objective game modes but can be hard to rank up. The best way to do it fast would be to take a risk and play closer to an objective such as a flag. Just remember that buildings can be destroyed very easily in this game and are not great vantage points in most situations. Also look out for enemy medics, they can easily take you out as some of their weapons have optics and are very accurate in general.

The main thing to remember is to play the objective and remain thoughtful of your squad and team. Keep in mind that Battlefield is a team based game, aid allies and you will succeed and gain the most XP from it!


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