Today tinyBuild have announced that they are going to release Alpha 1 due to the overwhelming feedback they had from the open Pre-Alpha. Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 and Early Alpha Access is now available to download. You can watch the trailer right now. Below is what tinyBuild have to say about Alpha 1;

Alpha 1 is now available in Early Alpha Access

Announcing Hello Neighbor Early Alpha Access, a way for you to get involved in the behind-the-scenes of Hello Neighbor! After the overwhelmingly positive reactions we got about the Open Pre-Alpha, we’ve received incredible amounts of ideas and feedback.

You can now support the game by buying Hello Neighbor Early Alpha Access, and this is what you’ll get

  • A new Alpha 1 build available instantly
  • All future weird, glitchy, in-between builds will be available to check out
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpse at what’s coming
  • The PC version of Hello Neighbor on launch day
You can still play the Pre-Alpha version for free. Meanwhile here is what the Alpha 1 has:
  • Large 2-story house
  • Sharks
  • Puzzles (try to solve the math puzzle, it triggers PTSD in me)
  • BB-guns, phones, graveyards — you name it!
  • Works only on 64bit!
In this build there is no basement gameplay. Please keep that in mind, it will end with a cut-scene when you get into the basement. Remember that the full game won’t end there. The purpose of the Alpha 1 is to see which of the gameplay elements work best, and if a house layout with two floors like this actually works. Adding an extra floor adds a ton of complexity to the AI, but we were able to get him to use the elevator and predict your movement across both floors.

Amongst other things in this build the Neighbor’s movement speed is drastically reduced. This will give some players more chances to play around with the AI and figure out puzzles. We dont know yet how fast he should be vs the players’ speed.

Read more on the Alpha 1 here.

New update:

Key Giveaway

We’ll be giving out a dozen keys for Hello Neighbor’s Pre-Alpha Access. Here’s what you can do to win:


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