Okay, so picture this. You have recently moved into a new house and you find out that your neighbor is hiding something scary and sinister in their basement. Surely you would want to go down and have a look right? So you decide to break in and find out what is there. That my friends is Hello Neighbour in a nutshell.

As seen in a previous post I told you all about Hello Neighbours Pre-Alpha release. This game is a very simplistic horror game developed by Tinybuild  Games and Dynamic Pixels using an Unreal 4 engine. In this horror game you simply have to break into your neighbor’s basement to see what was in there, if only it was that simple. The game has a very clever AI system in place so the AI knows every move you have took in the game. The controls of this game involve you; crouching, sprinting, picking up objects, throwing objects and also opening doors. All these controls give you the upper hand against the games very complex AI system.


Every time you fail/get caught it will result in the time of the day changing, which also will add new challenges placed by your neighbor. For example, you might have tried to get in through the front door and you now can’t open it to a chair being behind the door. All these little things make it harder to find what is in the basement.


As this game is only in its Pre-Alpha stage so like any game it has its glitches. When I was playing the game the game never crashed on me which was great, but there were some glitches that I did encounter. For example, I had a time where I tried to pick up a key that I dropped on the floor which totally disappeared. I don’t really mind glitches in a game like this as we all have to understand it is in its pre-alpha stage.

Overall Verdict:
This game overall is incredibly entertaining and very intense, sometimes too much for my liking (I’m a big wuss). I really am looking forward to the final game coming out on PC in  summer 2017 as the game currently is in great shape for being in its first stage.

Pre-Alpha Mark: 8/10

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