Game: Undertale

Rating: 9/10

Game Type: RPG/ puzzle game

Price: £6.99 from steam

Initial release date: September 15 2015

Undertale is a role playing video game created by Toby Fox. In the game you play as a fallen human in the Underground, a large, region underneath earth. The game involves twists and turns, an amazing plot and the best game soundtrack you’ll hear for a while.

They say not to judge a book by its cover and Undertale is one of the best representations of this phrase. Whether you’re a huge fan of the indie game or just think it’s trash, it’s hard to deny that creator Toby Fox did an amazing job with the secrets and storytelling throughout the many different modes the game can be played in. The game is proof of how gripping and emotional a small, quirky RPG game can be whilst still adding elements of comedy and fun to its style.

Undertale is a game that’s best to be played without knowing what your leaping into so if you don’t want to find out the plot and some key game points I’m issuing a SPOILER WARNING!


The game is playable in 3 main modes: Pacifist Route (where you as a character refuse to kill anyone), Neutral Route (where you kill some but not others) and Genocide Route (where you kill everything in your path). Genocide and Pacifist have two completely different endings where as Neutral varies depending on your actions as a character. As a player of the game I highly recommend playing the Pacifist Route first as it end up with the most information being found out and the more character explanations you get and you really don’t wanna p**s off sans in the Genocide Route. Essentially you could say that the genocide route is a full blown horror game due to the characters personalities changing and the constant feeling of emptiness throughout the play through. One certain thing that ceases to amaze me is that Fox wanted to experiment with the Philosophy of games so much that he made the concept of “What if the characters actually remember your previous deaths and what if this takes a toll on the game play?” and put it in the game! Examples of this would be sans constant mocking of you after constantly dying in the battle with him (Honestly though even for pro gamers that battle will take about 10 attempts to complete.) or when you come into the game after completing the Genocide Route Flowey actually mocks you for restarting the game and characters throughout the play will say “I remember you”.

Main Characters:

~Flowey (the first character from the game you meet)

~Frisk (a main protagonist)

~Sans ( a comedic character)

~ Papyrus (Sans Brother)

~Undyne ( a soldier type character)

~Alphys (a scientist)


Each main character has their own story which particularly makes the game more human and interesting. At the end of the Pacifist Route it’s hard not to get attached to these characters and their quirky personalities like Papyrus, a skeleton guard that seeks his dream job and friendship, then there’s Sans, another skeleton that full of a skeleTON of jokes (I apologise for the stolen pun but that’s undertales comedy style). Even the small characters like Tem leave an impact on your views and love for the game.

After a dark and quite sad opening to the game the player is thrown in to this comedic world that’s full of puns and puzzles but still has a element of an darker path that can be followed. To me that’s what makes the game unique. The cleverness of the game builds up as you play and things that seem so simple to complete can actually be used to open big plot points. The game usually takes about 5-7 hours to fully complete, but to finish battles and explore the world properly It will take an extra few hours to complete.

Like every game Undertale does have its flaws. For me the biggest flaw was the repetitiveness of the game and battles. After battling Sans over 10 times it began to frustrate me on how repetitive the game can be and with just one mistake you can be sent back to the beginning. Also how difficult it is to find some of the secrets can be very time consuming and irritating when having to go back and forth and back and forth.

But apart from that Undertale is game well worth playing if you want a quirky, funny game that has secrets in everycorner.





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