Battlefield 1 has officially been out for around 4 days now, and recently I had noticed something quite cool in the multiplayer. Players like myself are starting to find headphones and Morse code messages scattered around its maps, which can mean only one thing in my opinion, it must mean… Easter Egg time!

Ever since Battlefield has been released it has always has its long and hard secrets to crack in the game. In the past they’ve involved multi-stage puzzles, player cooperation and taken ages to solve. So when you find this easter egg don’t expect to work it out straight away.

Headsets have been found in Amiens, Sinai, Monte Grappa and Empire’s Edge.

Here’s what we know so far however:

  • Each multiplayer map appears to have a set of headphones hidden somewhere in it that can only be found by one player. It makes a resupply noise on pick up.
  • Once these headphones have been found, there’s a radio set broadcasting a Morse code message to discover somewhere else.
  • Only one player can get each, and they appear to spawn randomly at certain locations within the map, which is making the process of uncovering them all more difficult, but also more exciting.

Below is a video explaining about the easter egg hunt.

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