The first thing I noticed about this multiplayer is that this game is nothing like Call of Duty. I remember back in my young days when I use to play Call of Duty World at War. I thought that game use to be the bees knee, until today!

The reason this game is better than it’s predecessors is because it is creatively ambitious, more technically impressive and all around prettier than the Call of Duty series. Battlefield video games have been its competitor’s perpetual runner-up, not any more. I love how different the multiplayer game modes are and how impressive each and every map is. I have played two maps so far and both have been stunning to just look at and walk around (without getting my head blown off obviously).


What stands out about Battlefield 1’s approach to classes so far is its introduction of two dedicated vehicle classes: tanker and pilot. Just knowing you are being a pilot fighting for the country you are assigned to is just EPIC. These two classes allow you to spawn directly in your tank or plane of choice and come with unique load outs which you can customise and change that make use of the carbine weapon class. Another cool feature is that you can also repair vehicles from the inside, this does give you a slight advantage at the heat of a battle.

Vehicles, as in any Battlefield game, play a huge role any Battlefield game especially in Battlefield 1. The light Renault FT-17, the Mark V, and the heavy A7V (the three tanks available in my open beta) control as smoothly as armored warfare vehicles in previous Battlefield games. What EA and Dice have done so well is that even though they are light moving, they are still quite chunky and can be hard to manoeuvre quickly out of situations which really suit to the era.

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