I am speechless after how to start this review of the first War Story I played. I received my Battlefield 1 copy through the post around 12:00pm GMT, the first thing I had to do was play a War story. Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign consists of five War Stories: Through Mud and Blood, Friends in High Places, Avanti Savoia and Nothing is Written. So far I played through the Storm of Steel intro and completed Friends in High places.

The Introduction chapter for Battlefield 1 is epic (couldn’t think of a better word than epic because it is that good!). When you start the campaign mission, the first one to start with is the Break of Dawn where the game discloses that all men on the World War 1 Battlefield died so eventually you will die at some point in this mission . The First event you control is Forest Washington (1899 – 1918) and your job is to try to survive the as much as you can, I found this a challenge as I was getting use to the game but once you get use to it, its pretty simple. You will be holding a weapon with 90 ammo, 3 grenades, and 1 pistol. Take cover and start shooting the enemies. You will die here by one of the bomb blasts.
The second event after getting killed you have to take control of Clinton Point Coupe (1897 – 1918) and he will be holding a mounted MG turret and you need to stop the wave until a blast throws you away and start taking down the enemies on your own. Try to survive as long as you can. A quick tip I found out was If you shoot the flame thrower soldier on the back it makes his backpack explode.
The Third event you take control is a solider called Calum Kirkland (1885 – 1918) and you are positioned inside a tank. You will have access to one rocket launcher and a machine gun so use it wisely. If you manage to survive it the end then you will die from a bomb blast.

Hold at all cost is the final part of the intro. The Main Objective start where you need to Hold the guards from crossing the line at any cost. I recommend you start shooting the enemies and you know what to do with the flame thrower so stay away and do not allow them to cross the line. You will get 3 lives to defend and at the end the main character will show up in the cut scene. After that it is history! You then get the chance to go explore the Battlefield War stories menu.


I then went on to play war story number two Friends in High Places (Just because I did not really want to follow them in number order). After the first 10 minutes of gameplay this story excels in both gameplay and storytelling. I was so shocked how touching this story was. This level really gets you on a really high (quite literally). You spend most of your time in the air as a cocky American pilot who has infiltrated the British Royal Flying Corps for his own amusement. You then get the chance to fly the Bristol F2.A biplane fighter. When you fly the plane you can tell EA have really thought about how these planes used to move through the air back in the past! Flying any of Battlefield 1’s biplanes, in single and multiplayer, is a freeing experience it is purely epic. They cut through the air smooth as butter and control with ease and precision.
As the American troublemaker narrated his adventures with his unsuspecting British co-pilot, I tore through the sky shooting down German aces, leading them full-speed towards barrage blimps before pulling up and watching them crash, while still taking the time to swoop down and bomb the anti-aircraft trucks below. It is totally amazing gameplay! Everything has been well thought through and the graphics are just purely beautiful. “Friends in High Places” is great even after you bring your biplane down from these exhilarating dogfights and crash land behind enemy lines. In the middle section of the story you play a part on foot and you can execute the story in multiple ways, first stealthing my way through the trenches with satisfying melee only kills, and then again going in guns-blazing. I love the options you get with this game and I am very excited to carry on my adventure playing as different soldiers!

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