This standalone version of Star Wars: Battlefront scored a 8/10.

Available on Xbox One (tested) , PS4 (tested) and PC (tested)

Back in November 2015 EA released a groundbreaking game named Star Wars: Battlefront. Battlefront is an action based shooter video game set all around the Star Wars Franchise. The game consisted of over 9 modes with some of the best being: Supremacy, Walker Assault, Blast and Hero’s vs Villains. When I first purchased the game the servers where surprisingly fast and the game played really well. One thing I actually liked was the simplicity of the title pages and the loading screens. It was easy to find what game mode you wanted to play and when not playing the loading screens were smartly designed with moving AT ATs over a blank white background. A couple of updates were made and a new game mode was added but overall the game still ran and played well.

When we talk about Battlefront you instantly think Battlefield 4, but when you play Star Wars Battlefront you don’t think of Battlefield 4 at all. Everything from movement to shooting to the whole system of classes and load-outs has been transformed, usually with the aim of making Star Wars: Battlefront a more accessible, casual-friendly title. If that makes you seethe with fear and anger, like Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith, live with it or leave well alone. This might not be the DICE game for you.

There are lots of different modes you can play the only issue in my opinion are that not all these modes are equal. Blast, Drop Zone and Cargo don’t really play to the strengths of Star Wars: Battlefront, either as an online shooter or a Star Wars game sadly. My two favourite are Hero Hunt and Heroes vs. Villains, these are enjoyable but a little repetitive, and after a while it gets annoying that mighty Jedi and Sith Lords seem so feeble while their powers are in a cool-down state. Take all that away and they are still great modes to play. Meanwhile, the aerial combat in Fighter Squadron really gives you a real feel of what it is like to fly in a Star Wars space battle. On PC I was getting really good quality (60 fps) gameplay which made me feel like I was really in the game!

If we are to take a look at the maps there aren’t really enough of them (until this latest DLC), with just four landscapes for Supremacy and Walker Assault, which you’ll keep coming back to over and over again. This is where you really need to invest in the Season Pass (£39.99), if you decided to purchase the season pass it opens up a whole new world to Battlefront. Below is what is included in the season pass.


Over 20 new pieces of galactic tech including weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards for both Rebels and Imperials


8 total heroes and villains for you to fight as or against


16 additional multiplayer maps featuring new locations


4 exciting new game modes


Two-week early access to each expansion pack


Exclusive “Shoot First” emote



March 2016 came with the first bout of paid DLC modes for the game. This resulted in a huge update in the game with new features being added such as; new heroes and villains (Greedo & Nien Nunb), new maps, a new game mode named extraction and a complete new set out to the title screens. Personally it wasn’t a huge the update. The game servers were slower, the game modes were more restricted and the whole setups for the menu made the game mode you wanted to play were more difficult to find. A new feature that wasn’t one of EA’s finest moments was adding the Hutt Contracts segment. The Hutt Contracts is basically a small segment of the game where you complete missions to try to unlock new blasters that aren’t even very good! Another update has passed (Bespin) and not much has changed in the game other than the rate of people who play has gone down. However, EA may have redeemed themselves with the newest update to the game.


The Death Star update may be one of the most graphically beautiful DLCs yet.The update involves new maps and new characters (Chewbacca!) and sees the player being able to transport themselves into the corridors of the Death Star or even fly in the trenches of the outside of the ship. No change has been done to the title screens and menu but I think EA make up for it in the graphics and beauty of the new update. Unfortunately there’s not much in the update to see (probably because it took so long to perfect the graphics of the modes) but Battlefronts developers is certainly not going to let people forget about this game.

More detailed updates coming soon! 


Awesome Star Wars look and feel

Battles cram in great cinematic moments

Excellent Walker Assault and Droid Run modes

Great space battles

Easy to pick up and play

Excellent modes of play

Brilliant DLC Updates


Hero’s Vs Villains gets repetitive

Not all modes play to the game’s strengths


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